Star Cruises welcomed 80 students from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) college onboard SuperStar Virgo last Friday.

The lecturers and students were given a warm welcomed by the Hotel Manager, Mr. Dodie Rosacay and his team before touring the 75,338-tonnage SuperStar Virgo.

During the tour, the enthusiastic students not only saw a glimpse of the inner world of a cruise ship, but also learned about the cruise industry and expanded their understanding of hospitality and tourism, a knowledge that would come handy when they pursue a career in this industry after graduation.

This 2-hour educational ship tour was jointly organised by Star Cruises and the Singapore Cruise Center.

Singapore Cruise Center partnered with ITE to develop a new course ‘Passenger Services Course’ to equip the industry with trained workers who can perform passenger services related operations in the their terminals.

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