Cruise Ship Orderbook Data (1988-2027)

The new Cruise Ship Orderbook Data Report (1988-2027) presents a yearly account of ships on order listing all years from 1988 through 2022, giving an overview of ship ordering trends and future growth planned by cruise operators over the years. This PDF report delivers instantly via email.

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Included in this report:

  • 1988-2027 Cruise Ship orderbooks as independently sourced and published by Cruise Industry News. Each year (from 1988 through 2022) shows ships on order at a specific calendar date extending into the future - outlining capacity growth. 
  • Ship orders include cruise line, ship, yard, tonnage/passenger capacity (if known at the time), and for some years, sailing region and exact delivery time frame.
  • Graphic sample of trends in tonnage, passenger capacity and ships on order.
  • Data and information you need in just 50 pages to plan to present a complete overview of the cruise ship orderbook history.
  • Orderbook capacity summary, ships on order per year, total berths, total cost per berth, total orderbook value, average ship sizes, average ship costs. 
  • Includes pre- and post-COVID-19 orderbooks. 
  • Table of Contents and Sample Page Preview - Click Here
  • Publication date: Jan 2022.
  • Instant download ability – no waiting for mail – this report is 100 percent digital.

Excel Addendum 

  • New and based on customer feedback, an Excel addendum is available as an option to the Cruise Ship Orderbook Data (1988-2027)
  • The Excel addendum provides an Excel/XLS file of all the data in the report, organized in sheets by year; plus two summary sheets.