Cruise Industry Financial Tracking

The Cruise Industry Financial Tracking Report provides an in-depth look into the financial metrics of the leading cruise companies. Published April 2020.

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Cruise Industry News breaks down financial metrics for the public cruise companies from 1993 through 2019.

Publishing Date: April 2020. 

This Report:

  • A 40-page PDF report with key financial earnings data and metrics for public companies from 1993-2019.
  • Included: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, MSC, Star/Genting, Royal Olympic, P&O Princess, Regent, American Classical Voyages and Commodore.
  • Key metrics include revenue, operating expenses, operating income and net income, as well as those metrics on a per passenger day basis. We also look at EPS, fleets, berths and passenger cruise days.
  • Numbers and earnings show key trends, market growth and deliver insightful investment background information.