HNA Tourism Cruise and Yacht Management. the first cruise ship and yacht management company in mainland China, held its founding and promotion conference at HNA Marriot Hotel in Beijing today.

"By unveiling the mainland's largest cruise ship, the Henna, HNA Tourism, a local Chinese brand, is poised to lead the domestic cruise industry," according to a release from the company.

The Ex-Pacific Sun has been renamed the Henna and has been refurbished at Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore, according to sources, with Star Cruises rumored to be running the ship for HNA.

On January 26, 2013, the Henna will debut with the Sanya-Ha Long Bay-Da Nang route. Also, the Island Construction I, which is China's largest luxury yacht at 161 feet in length, is under the ownership of Sanya Artemis Yacht Entertainment Co., Ltd, another subsidiary of HNA Tourism.

Mr. Zhang Hao, President of HNA Tourism Cruise and Yacht Management, said: "The cruise industry has great potential while the market is anticipated to be quite large. It is just starting out but is developing at a rapid speed in mainland China, including ancillary facilities and port construction."

In 2011, Mainland China received 262 international cruise ship calls, according to HNA, an increase of 17.5% year on year, and 504,582 passenger arrivals.

As the first Chinese cruise and yacht company with a self-owned cruise ship, the establishment of HNA Tourism Cruise and Yacht Management and the debut of the Henna will help to increase local competitiveness in the Chinese market.