The economic downturn in Europe and the Concordia incident had a bigger impact on Carnival Corporation than Royal Caribbean Cruises in Q3.

Royal reported net revenue of $184.05 per passenger day, compared to $182.46 for Carnival. Both companies were down from last year, however, when Carnival reported net revenue per day of $198.59 and Royal $187.42.

For their respective Q3 2012, Royal posted net ticket revenue per passenger day of $137.87, compared to Carnival’s $142.94, and net onboard revenue of $46.18 compared to $39.52 for Carnival.

Net operating costs per passenger day for Q3 2012 were $104.25 for Carnival, compared to $115.14 for Royal, and excluding fuel, $78.01 for Carnival and $91.95 for Royal.

Both stocks were trading relatively high at press time, although both settled back a bit, assumingly with shareholders taking profits, after yesterday’s highs following Royal Caribbean’s Q3 call.