German cylinder pressure measuring specialist Imes has introduced three important new capabilities to complement the basic evaluation and visualisation software package it supplies with every EPM-XP hand-held electronic pressure indicator.

Trending function

A new trending function for acquired data allows up to 32 data files to be superimposed for comparison on the computer screen, as a means of detecting changes in engine performance over a chosen period of time. In this way, the add-on function substantially simplifies the task of monitoring engine condition and cylinder outputs.

Calculation of specific fuel consumption

In a function that will become increasingly important as the IMO Tier III emissions regulations approach, Imes has introduced a specific fuel consumption (SFC) calculation option for the EPM-XP software package. The option allows engine power to be calculated on the basis of values for mean effective pressure derived from cylinder pressure data acquired by the EPM-XP device. Thereafter, the mass of fuel consumed by the engine, as acquired from fuel flow meters recording over the same period as the EPM-XP electronic indicator, is factored into the equation to give a value for specific fuel consumption in g/kWh.

Data acquisition at eight load steps per cylinder

A further add-on function now gives the EPM-XP the capability to record up to 160 measurements at seven pre-set and one freely selectable engine load step in a range between 25% and 110% of the engine’s rated output. Cylinder pressure data can be thus acquired at eight load points on engines with up to 20 cylinders, for example. 

Imes reports that these add-on functions are activated by insertion of a USB “dongle” into the PC or notebook running the Imes evaluation and visualisation software.