IPCO Power has been selected to equip the Volendam and  Zaandam with its Fuel Treatment Systems.

Both vessels will be equipped with the FID Injector. IPCO Power’s FID Injector is acombustion improvement system designed to create a stable “water in fuel” emulsion.

The implementation of emulsified fuel significantly enhances fuel atomization and distribution in the combustion chamber. This results in more effective combustion, lower fuel consumption and a reduction of NOx, HC and PM pollutants, while the engine’s combustion chambers, pistons, exhaust system and lube oil will stay much cleaner.

The Fuel Treatment Systems were already installed and evaluated onboard the Rotterdam and Ryndam.

FID Injector’s benefits (according to IPCO):

Fuel efficiency

Up to 1,25 % savings on 4 stroke engines

Up to 2,4 % savings on 2 stroke engines


Up to 20% NOxreduction (FID Injector)

Less black smoke

Up to 70% PM reduction

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