How far the repercussions from the Concordia may go was illustrated this past Saturday, when the Carnival Triumph was temporarily “seized” by U.S. Marshals in Galveston following a complaint filed with the United States District Court. Carnival and the plaintiff were able to negotiate terms, allowing the ship to sail as scheduled, however. Neither party would comment, calling the terms confidential.

The law suit as filed seeks $10 million on behalf of the estate of German native Siglinde Stumpf who died in the grounding. In addition the plaintiff asked for the release of the black box, phone and computer records.

The suit contended that the ship was subject to the court’s jurisdiction by virtue of being located in the district. It identified Panama-registered Utopia Cruises as the owner of the Triumph and the “alter ego” of Carnival Corporation, charging that Carnival was ultimately responsible for the Concordia incident.

It was not clear why the plaintiff choose to file in Galveston and seize the Triumph.