IcyDrink - the world’s first automatic ice glass maker, will be demonstrating their complete ice making system at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show, taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 7-9th. IcyDrink, a unique new patented device which produces beverage glasses made of ice, provides an array of creative serving options for bar and nightclubs operators, as well as full-service restaurants.

The ice glasses, which are moulded in the shape of a cone, can be held in the hand or placed into IcyDrink’s specially created glass holder. Any beverage can be poured directly into the moulded ice glass, which keeps the drink cool and refreshing for 25 minutes or more. Once the ice melts, it is contained in the special glass holder, avoiding any spillage or clean-up.

IcyDrink is an ideal solution for pool bars and outdoor service in warm climates, and also presents a variety of food service options for cool items like seafood dishes and desserts. Demonstrations of the IcyDrink system and drink samples will be available at booth 1330/1332 at the Nightclub & Bar Show.

“Experiencing a drink with IcyDrink is a truly unique experience,” says Jivko Pentchov, IcyDrink’s U.S. distributor. “Your lips make direct contact with the frosty ice glass, and the cool and sensational feeling is impossible to describe. It is a very creative way for restaurant and bar owners to make a unique statement and set themselves apart, while providing an unforgettable experience for their patrons.”

IcyDrink glasses are perfect for cocktails, digestives, soda, chilled espresso, or any type of beverage that would be best enjoyed in a chilled glass. The IcyDrink making system is a compact device that is easy to use, easy to install and fits easily in a small prep area. Water connection and electricity are all that is required. The dimensions of the device are: Width 20.86” – Depth 23.62” – Height 31.30”.