Retired cruise line executive Brian MacDonald passed away on February 17.

Region: Hadleigh, Essex, UK

Memorable Quote 1: 'How long is this meeting going to last?'

Memorable Quote 2: 'What's the answer to my question?'


Born 1944 in Gourock, Scotland. Spent his working life in the shipping industry (P&O, Canberra Cruises, P&O Lines, Princess Cruises, CTC Cruises, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines). Has worked in Australia, Russia, Italy, Spain, California and Alaska. Retired but was heavily engaged in various voluntary works.

Author/editor of various books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Interests were ancient history, baroque music and understandable poetry. Likes were his two dogs, Christmas, spaghetti Bolognese, haggis, ice-cream, the sea, sea-fishing, mountains, cool or cold weather and, most definitely, peace and quiet. Dislikes: Garlic, Bell’s Palsy (from which he suffered), heat, crowds, noise, "meetings that last more than thirty minutes and folk who can’t spell his name correctly."