Royal Caribbean International has made a late local media buy in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia for Super Bowl XLV, scheduled for Sunday February 6.

In a statement Royal Caribbean said it was moving up the premiere of the new spot, which is set to target major markets hard-hit by winter storms that have been ravaging the United States.

Royal Caribbean plans to run the spot throughout February and struck a deal at the last second according to sources familiar with the matter for this Super Bowl buy.

National spots for the Super Bowl were said to be 90 percent sold out in mid-January at $3 million each.

Since Royal Caribbean is buying a local spot in three major DMAs (designated market areas), it will be far below $3 million price tag for national spots. However, it is also said the advertisement will air around 6:30pm (GMT -5), at the beginning of the game, which have been traditionally more expensive and seen higher ratings.