Monday, MarchThe Government of Antigua and Barbuda takes every incident involving the safety of our
visitors and our citizens seriously and commits itself to implementing policies and initiatives to
ensure security and safety for everyone.

The country has utilized advances in technology with the investment in a multi-million dollar
communications system for rapid response by law enforcement and has strengthened the manpower
of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB) to enhance the safety of both
residents and visitors to the islands.

Among the new measures adopted are the Crime Stoppers Forum which includes a toll free
anonymous tips number 1-800-TIPS, the Dare Program in schools targeting 6th graders, and
ongoing work with the ONDCP. The Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda also works in
close cooperation with the National Defense Force and has been working with private security
firms to provide them with training and to share intelligence for increased efficiency.

The Government in partnership with the private sector has facilitated the installation of a hightech,
24 hours CCTV camera surveillance system by The Antigua and Barbuda National Parks
Authority in strategic points, including Nelsons Dockyard and within the environs of the
yachting community. Other initiatives include:

• 24-hour Mobile Police Patrols have been created and a specialist Forensic Team has
been formed.

• Demolition of abandoned buildings, clearing of excessive vegetation and additional street
lighting has been added in those communities where criminal activities are more likely.
The Hon. Jon Maginley, Minister of Tourism, with the responsibility for National Parks, has
welcomed the continued upgrade and implementation of security features throughout the
country, he said, "We have adopted a zero tolerance to criminals and their behavior. The
Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture will therefore continue to work with all our
non-government organizations to intensify our efforts in making our island a safe, secure and
peaceful destination."

The recently introduced community – based policing programme, whereby police officers have
been assigned to particular communities to work closely with the local organizations,
businesses and residents, has been well received by the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda and is
demonstrating positive results, as law abiding citizens come forward with information which has
greatly assisted police in the fight against criminal activity.