The Grenada Board of Tourism is pleased to announce Raelene Lazarus as the new Head of Marketing. This appointment exemplifies the future direction for the Grenada Board of Tourism in its endeavour to grow Grenada’s international marketing impact.

With this appointment, the Board reiterates the important role that tourism plays in generating revenue which contributes to and impacts upon, all aspects of Grenadian life. The effective marketing of Grenada is therefore of the utmost importance to businesses in the tourism sector and to the economy as a whole.

Lazarus holds a Masters’ Degree in Marketing, and has experience in marketing management, having worked with Digicel and the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Grenada. She comes to this position at a very difficult and challenging period. However, the Board is confident that by applying her knowledge and skills; Lazarus will contribute positively to its ongoing marketing program.

As Head of Marketing, Lazarus will be responsible for, among other things, spearheading the Board’s efforts in executing more innovative marketing strategies, particularly with respect to e-marketing and tactical promotions.