International salvage company RESOLVE is helping to repair damage done by the maritime
industry through a pioneering coral reef replacement system.

From its US base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, RESOLVE has developed a technique to
effectively grow coral and anchor it to the seabed atop custommade underwater structures.
At the forefront in the arena of environment‐enhancing artificial reefs, RESOLVE leads the field
of ship reefing and has placed more artificial ship reefs on the ocean floor than any other
company. Its successes include the environmental remediation of the 910-foot long
decommissioned Navy aircraft carrier ex Oriskany. RESOLVE was awarded the project by the
US Navy and successfully prepared and sank the vessel for reefing purposes off the coast of
Pensacola, FL – helping to make history by creating the worldʹs largest artificial reef.

Coral reef damage is a big concern for the shipping industry. Only last week, the insurer of a
Panama flagged tanker which struck a reef in the Caribbean agreed to pay the high cost of
replacing the damaged coral. This was one of seven such incidents in the past month.
RESOLVE’S unique system involves fragmenting healthy corals, nurturing them in a lab,
attaching them to larger eco‐friendly reef structures, and then transplanting them back into
their previous environment. These structures provide a raised, porous, yet sturdy substrate to
promote rapid growth, environmental complexity, and an animal friendly habitat.

Results from a number of RESOLVE coral projects show that the coral transplant system is
working well. RESOLVE’S Marine BioTechnicians measure the growing coral regularly to gain
an approximation of the growth levels. When initially placed back in their natural
environments, the survival rates are good and technicians have reported more than 96%
survival rates on recent projects.

Joe Farrell, President of RESOLVE said: “With growing concerns and severe government
penalties for environmental damage (and lack of proper remediation) RESOLVE feels it is
imperative to identify opportunities to restore and reinforce these fragile ecosystems through
reef repair and reef augmentation whenever possible. Utilising advanced technology and other
cost‐saving measures learned from years of experience, we are able to deliver an attractive and
cost‐effective product to the stakeholders who underwrite this important endeavor.