Port Everglades Upgrades Inventory Warehouse


Port Everglades is upgrading its maintenance facilities and streamlining operating procedures to save money and better serve cruise and cargo customers, according to a statement. 

A central warehouse is the focal point of an improved inventory control system to better track supplies and reduce costs. The next step, already underway, is to computerize the inventory accounting through a software package that is being customized for the Port.

“In 2017, we recognized that there were inefficiencies in how the Port's facilities were maintained. We hired a consultant to develop an action plan to revamp our preventative and capital maintenance programs and implement new inventory control procedures,” said Acting Chief Executive & Port Director Glenn Wiltshire. “Since then, the public works functions have been divided between our Operations Division and our Seaport Engineering & Facilities Maintenance Division, depending upon the workers’ trade skills, which gives supervisors better oversight.”

The warehouse is controlled by authorized employees who track supplies, usage and ordering. 

The 6,400-square-foot warehouse was a former workshop and storage facility on port property that employees were able to renovate in-house.

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