Shufflrr Helps Cruise Operators Manage Presentation Assets

Presentation Management

Shufflrr has released a case study showing how it has saved a major cruise operator significant resources by reigning in their marketing efforts through a presentation management strategy, culminating in thousand of saved man hours.

According to a case study, it took 300 sales people for the Royal Caribbean International a total of 86,000 hours to piece together one-off presentations, which, at a conservative rate of 40 dollars per hour, equals a time savings value of $3.4 million dollars.

It was also a challenge for the company to ensure that each one of a team of over 300 sales people making 7,000 presentations each week, was presenting up-to date information, according to the study.

“Shufflrr keeps us confident in a competitive industry, and with real-time updates able to be distributed across the world with one click, we can offer a better experience for our Customers,” said Aimee Price, of Learning and Development at Royal Caribbean.

Shufflrr said it saves companies time and money while helping them better protect their brand and enhance their sale process.  

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