Princess Launches New Local Partnership Program in New Zealand

Majestic Princess in Milford Sound

Princess Cruises has launched a new program to create thriving populations of Kiwi and other native New Zealand birds around the Bay of Islands.

Princess today launched “Princess Local Partnerships” with a $100,000 donation over the first year of the program, which will be funded by adult guests donating $2 via their onboard account. 

The aim is to raise more than a $1 million over the next five years to be spent on community-based activities that will support conservation and culture in New Zealand, the company said, in a statement. 

The first project will focus on supporting community groups committed to conservation efforts and forest regeneration around the Bay of Islands and Northland to encourage the return of the iconic Kiwi and other native birds.

Princess Cruises Senior Vice President – Asia Pacific, Stuart Allison, said it made sense to begin the Princess Local Partnerships in New Zealand because Princess takes more guests to the country than any other cruise line.

“Princess Local Partnerships is an extension of that deep relationship that already exists between the cruise line and its guests for communities across the Tasman,” Allison said.

“Our research tells us guests want to connect more deeply with the places they visit and give back to the local communities who so generously welcome us into what is effectively their backyard.

“With a modest donation, our guests will be able to use their small change to support some bigger initiatives that make a difference to the communities they visit.”

Princess Local Partnerships is teaming up with two volunteer-based local groups - Kiwi Coast and Bay Bush Action – which work together on helping native wildlife thrive and increasing Kiwi numbers.

Kiwi Coast brings together more than 120-community led conservation projects across the Northland region including the efforts of Bay Bush Action, which focuses on returning native birds, including Kiwi and sea birds, to Opua State Forest. 

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