Eastland Making Key Port Improvements

The 382-guest Silver Whisper

Eastland Port is looking forward to a strong 2018-2019 cruise season for Gisborne, New Zealand, with 19 calls and four maiden visits on the schedule.

Smaller ships, under 200 meters long, can come into the port and berth alongside, while larger vessels tender.

Infrastructure upgrades are taking place to allow two tenders to disembark passengers concurrently.

“In addition, a number of shoreside improvements will be made to streamline the transfer of passengers and safely accommodate wheelchairs,” said Andrew Gaddum, general manager of Eastland Port.

Cruise ships will also welcome the port’s waterside upgrades, including a twin-berth development project and dredging. While the projects are based on demand from cargo operations for log (wood) ships, they should have a positive effect on the cruise industry.

“The advantage offered by the twin berth development will be an increased service level for cruise ships,” Gaddum, said. “Having two 200-meter long berths means we could berth a cruise ship and a log ship at the same time, maybe even two cruise ships on the same day.

“Eastland Port can occasionally experience long action waves affecting vessel motion which as a result puts high loading pressure on mooring lines,” he continued. “We have a new mooring system being tried out over the next few months and we’re hopeful this will help to alleviate some of the issues.”

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