Acapulco Engages Visitors in Protecting Sea Turtles During Hatching Season

It's Sea Turtle Hatching Season in Acapulco

Acapulco is encouraging travelers visiting the destination to help save the rapidly decreasing Olive Ridley and Leatherback sea turtle species through local interactive release programs on their beaches this hatching season.

According to the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office (DMO), from May to October, hundreds of sea turtle eggs hatch on the extensive coastal beaches of Acapulco each year, however, most are often in danger of not hatching and safely returning to the ocean. Humans, mainly poachers, are the most substantial threat to sea turtle eggs. Hotel construction, beachgoers, and other environmental factors further detriment the vulnerable position these eggs are put in. As an ongoing commitment, Acapulco is aiming to make a difference for the newborn creatures and the environment, encouraging its visitors to do the same while learning.

“As a popular tourist destination with the privilege of having sea turtles nest on our beaches, we have the responsibility of protecting and saving these endangered creatures. The release excursions provide a meaningful experience for travelers, allowing them to not only get a glimpse of Acapulco but also contributing to the preservation of the species” said Pedro Haces Sordo, president of the Acapulco DMO.

Acapulco is home to multiple sea turtle conservation camps dedicated to the education, safety, and preservation of the species. The camps are said to keep a close eye on the sea turtle eggs, moving them if necessary to places where they can hatch safely. The hatchlings are later released, with the help of a select group of travelers, into the Pacific Ocean. The activity takes less than half a day. Guided by local seasoned sea turtle experts, the DMO said that the sea turtle interactive release welcomes travelers of all ages who can partake in the special activity.

Sea turtle release programs have increasingly become a sought-after excursion, as hotels and cruise lines have also joined the effort to promote and bring awareness to the cause, according to the DMO.

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