Kristiansund Harbor

“We have a stable growth trajectory in cruise visits, both summer and winter. We would like to see more theme cruises that feature opera or photography where Kristiansund has a product offering to match the cruise shoreside,” said Synnøve Henden, product manager for Visit Northwest, which helps promote Kristiansund as a cruise destination.

Next year the port will welcome 20 cruise ships and over 20,000 passengers, and a first-time call from Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria.

Kristiansund is the closest port to the Atlantic Road, which was voted “construction project of the century” in Norway and garners award after award for being a road-trip destination.

Atlantic Road

Kristiansund is situated by four islands at the edge of the ocean, and has a well-known intimate harbor.

“The town has a rich culture life, with both opera festival, international photo festivals of high quality. It is also known for fish, and in particular the salted, dried cod, Klipfish or bacalhau which has its own history dating several hundred years,” noted Henden.