The Port of Barcelona has rolled out what it is calling a pioneering air quality improvement plan, which outlines using LNG as a fuel as part of an ambitious environmental policy.

The most important part of the policy, said the port, is promoting the use of LNG fuel for ships and road freight transport. The port, according to a study, is responsible for 7.6 percent of the annual NOx contribution to the atmosphere for the city of Barcelona, and 1.5 percent of the particulate matter.

A move to LNG will cut that down, as the port said it plans to put LNG supply infrastructure in place for ships.

“Port infrastructure required to facilitate LNG fueling for vessels involves installing a flexible cryogenic loading arm at the Enagás terminal to supply LNG to a barge and small boats and adapting a barge to supply LNG to larger vessels,” said a statement. ”Both initiatives are under way and receive EU funding, since they are part of the CORE LNG project run by the European Union.”

The port said it was working with local authorities to offer a 40 percent discount in port fees to ships that meet certain environmental standards.

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