With the recent introduction of an expanded shore excursion program, Royal Caribbean has now launched a new website for travel agents.

This new online resource is a one-stop shop for travel agents, providing fast and convenient access to all the latest information on shore excursions, said a released statement.

Travel partners can learn about Royal Caribbean’s commission program as well as have access to marketing resources such as tour clips and photography to help plan their clients’ personalized experiences while onboard Royal Caribbean.

The website offers:

•    Ability to share tour clips and download imagery to leverage as selling tools
•    Highlight product differentiated tours by tour category and destination
•    Dedicated Commission Page with Groups and Private Journeys Information
•    Tour Ratings Electronic Magazine - Highlights top tours in every single port of call around the world
•    Shore Excursion Promotions Page
•    Dedicated page to each Destination the company visits around the world, which will feature unique tours within those destinations, as well as Marketing Resources to use as selling tools.
•    Resources Page - which will provide additional resources for selling
•    Downloadable flyers which feature top selling and most unique tours around the world

For more details and to explore the new website, visit: www.royalshoreexcursions.com

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