According to filings with International Revenue Service, top executives at the Cruise Lines International Association earned top pay in 2012.

According to the organization’s filing, which is available to the public, base compensation was as follows (2012):

Christine Duffy, President and CEO: $872,569
Thomas Hohman, CFO: $223,425
Michael Crye, Exectuive Vice President, Tech and Reg: $305,472
Robert Sharak, Marketing: $256,566
Thomas Thompson, Executive VP: $124,047
Stanford Deno, Director, Security: $129,766
Charles Darr, VP Tech and Reg: $203,582
Mark Desimone, Director IT: $119,240
Michael McGarry, Senior VP, Public Affairs: $244,002

Total revenue increased from $14,034,746 in 2011 to $20,887,377 in 2012.

Download the full filing here in PDF form.

For 2011, base compensation for key employees was as follows:

Christine Duffy: $555,756
Michael Crye: $282,133
Robert Sharak: $268,654
Eric Ruff: $268,954
Thomas Thompson: $178,640

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