MSC Armonia SectionMSC Cruises’ Renaissance Programme is underway as the MSC Armonia has arrived in Sicily for her stretching.

On Sunday August 31 MSC Armonia entered the Fincantieri shipyard, in Palermo, Italy, where she will remain for 11 weeks, until resuming service on November 17 with a one-off inaugural Mediterranean cruise from Genoa to the Canary Islands.

Over the next two and a half months, Fincantieri’s team will lengthen the ship by inserting a prebuilt 24-meter section containing 194 extra cabins. In addition, they will refit and renew many other parts of the ship, upgrading the level of comfort, entertainments and services available on board.

Before MSC Armonia’s arrival on Sunday, Fincantieri had begun preparations for the massive project both on board and in the shipyard. On August 28, the new midship section was floated into the shipyard, and towed into the drydock area, where MSC Armonia will undergo her Renaissance.

Finally, on Sunday morning, MSC Armonia stopped inside the drydock, where the midship section was waiting. Work immediately started on her hull, as the cutting line was marked. The midsection will be inserted mid-September and the maiden journey out of the shipyard will be on November 17.

In addition to new cabins, the ship will boast new areas for the Baby Club built in partnership with Chicco; also a new Mini Club and Young Club for kids to play, as well as a Teens Club. Food lovers were not forgotten as the buffet will be open 20 hours per day and exciting features will be available for an even better food experience. She will also feature a new lounge area as well as an extended restaurant.

MSC Armonia will in addition be fitted with a library for MSC travellers to enjoy their time on board even more. MSC Aurea Spa will also benefit from enrichments to please our guests. A completely new spray park will also be added, with an exhilarating pathway of water features and water cannons.

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