Based on feedback from its latest travel agent survey, Carnival Cruise Lines has created a new collection of quick and easy “Fun Games” as part of its travel agent learning management system, Carnival Passport, available within its travel agent Internet portal,  

The 12 games in the collection all feature well-known themes and each are designed to be completed within two to five minutes. With each completed game travel professionals earn 10 credits within Carnival Passport. These credits may be converted into points within the line’s Travel Agent Rewards Program, which can be redeemed toward a wide range of prizes including Carnival logo items, $50 and $100 Visa/MasterCard gift cards, iPads and flat screen TVs.  

Travel professionals indicated in the line’s latest trade survey that they enjoyed Carnival Adventures – the only travel agent social learning game in the industry – and they would also like shorter games that would fit more easily into their workday. The 12 “Fun Games” in the Carnival Passport collection feature well-known themes such as tic-tac-toe, football and air hockey, among others. While playing the “Fun Games,” travel agents reinforce and enhance their understanding of a variety of topics ranging from fleet and ship information to enhanced navigation of

“We’ve taken an industry-leading approach with Carnival Passport and know that agents expect continuous new and innovative offerings from us, which is why we’ve invested in creating this new collection of ‘Fun Games,’” said Joni Rein, vice president of worldwide sales for Carnival Cruise Lines. “In our surveys, travel professionals have told us that with today’s time-pressed schedules they would really appreciate a quick ‘learn and earn’ opportunity and these new Fun Games are the ideal application for that purpose.”

Carnival Passport is the line’s comprehensive learning management system that houses all of Carnival’s training and education activities in one easy-to-access area within With Carnival Passport, agents may select learning activities that best suit their particular educational needs while earning credits along the way. Travel professionals can earn credits within Carnival Passport by participating in tutorials, webinars, trade shows, seminars at sea and more. Carnival Passport also features Carnival Adventures, the line’s social learning game for travel agents that is unique in the cruise industry and designed to provide a fun and engaging platform for learning more about the company and all of its helpful tools.

After completing various levels within Carnival Passport, agents will be issued credits, which they can convert into points applicable to the line’s Travel Agent Rewards Program.  Additional features and benefits of Carnival Passport include a convenient layout, allowing agents to easily view a menu highlighting live events, a calendar of upcoming events, a video library and an educational catalog that references all of the offerings within the site.