Curoil recently confirmed the launch of its bunker fuel supply operation (inshore and offshore) on Aruba, by its new subsidiary company Curoil Aruba.

On Jan. 13, 2014, the Pullmantur Monarch became the first client to experience the company’s inshore bunkering services, as Curoil Aruba performed its first inshore bunkering operation in the harbor of Oranjestad.

With the recent launch of Curoil Aruba, Curoil operations now cover the territorial waters of the Dutch Kingdom’s Leeward Islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (ABC Islands). Curoil Aruba is able to supply all kinds of vessels with a full range of fuels and lubricants from its 6,854 dwt double-hulled tanker Zeta 1.

Yamil Lasten, managing director of Curoil commented: “These are exciting times for Curoil. With the first inshore bunkering in Aruba, we are putting one more step forward toward market expansion in the Caribbean, while remaining committed to offer the same high level of service and high quality of products our clients are accustomed to”

Curoil is an oil products marketing and distribution company with long term commercial relationships with shipowners, shipping agents, charterers, brokers, traders, refineries and utility companies in the Americas and the Caribbean region. With its operations located on the ABC Islands, strategically located at the junction of North- and South America, Curoil has easy access to the countries in the Western hemisphere.

Curoil also said it operates according to the highest international environmental standards and its key products are ISO certified and delivered under well-known international standards.