Next month, Cuba Cruise begins its inaugural season circumnavigating the island of Cuba, and the team is putting the final touches on the Louis Cristal before her cross-Atlantic voyage from Europe to the Caribbean.

Cuba Cruise President Dugald Wells draws on his 20+ years experience, first-rate team and partner Louis Cruises to ensure the ship and its crew are both in top shape for the season.

The list includes tasks like quality safety inspections and training crewmembers down to specifics such as stocking olives for martini orders, upgrading the ship’s satellite systems to play North American sports and even installing ceiling hooks for the aerial circus act.

The last detail before its November 24th departure from Greece: painting Cuba Cruise’s signature flowers on the sides of the ship.

“We’re right on schedule with the launch,” says Dugald. “We have an excellent crew equipping the Louis Cristal in drydock and our Cuban and Canadian teams are excitingly preparing for its arrival to the island.”

The Louis Cristal is a deluxe cruise ship with a unique yacht-like modern design and a cruising speed of 18 knots.

It features an array of amenities with all the comforts expected of today’s upscale vessels, including spacious staterooms and suites (some with balconies, and each one equipped with shower, WC, wash basin, telephone, hairdryer & TV), elegant lounges and restaurants, casino and open promenades. The ship also features modern communication facilities including an Internet corner, WiFi and roaming GSM mobile phone service.

Guests can join the 7-night cruise at either Havana or Montego Bay with a lead-in price of only $586 CAD.

Each cruise includes the opportunity to visit world famous beaches, UNESCO world heritage sites and national reserves, as well as in-depth exploration of Cuba’s dynamic culture. The experience offers the best qualities of cruising and all-inclusive getaways combined with a Cuba that few people see.

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