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The Cruise Industry News Annual Report 2018-2019 is the only information resource of its kind -- presenting the entire worldwide cruise industry in 400 pages. Click here to order.

The Annual Report will be shipped to subscribers in late April, and is available to pre-order at 2017 prices.

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About the Annual Report:

The 400-page report covers everything from new ships on order to supply-and-demand scenarios from 1987 through 2027+. The table of the contents is pictured to the left.

Plus there is a future outlook through 2027, completely independent cruise industry statistics, growth projections for each cruise line, cruise industry market reports, and detailed ship deployment by region and market, covering all the cruise lines.

Bought by banks, financial analysts, cruise lines, ports, suppliers in planning budgets and key industry stakeholders for future forecasting.

There is also a comprehensive directory of cruise lines as well as their key executives, as well as detailed information on port traffic and more with historical data exclusive to Cruise Industry News'  30+ years in the business.

If you are looking for a complete past, present and future global briefing on the cruise industry, look no further.

All this and more for $945 in the United States; $995 to all international destinations.

The Annual Report has been published since 1988.

Preview Pages of the Annual Report

If you are a cruise line executive: CINA 2018-2019 gives you a total and objective overview of the industry, including profiles and growth forecasts for all the cruise lines through at least 2027.

If you are a financial analyst: CINA 2018-2019 gives you independent company and market growth forecasts, including supply/demand scenarios through 2027.

If you are a port executive: CINA 2018-2019 tells you about each line's ship deployments in your region, and tracks the growth of each port and each sailing region.

If you are a supplier: CINA 2018-2019 gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your involvement in the cruise industry.

If you are a new supplier: CINA 2018-2019 gives you the market intelligence and sales leads you need to target the industry.

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Who buys this report? Cruise lines, ports, suppliers, accounting firms, consulting companies, investment banks, think-tanks, universities and many more!