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                                                                  HAPAG-LLOYD CRUISES

                                                                  Record Rates

                                                                     “The new ships will succeed in
                                                                     combining the requirements of modern
                                                                     expedition passengers with the comfort
                                                                     standards of customers from the luxury
                                                                     segment. This will allow us to tap into
                                                                     new customers for expeditions.”

                                                                  Karl Pojer, CEO

  The average daily rate on a Hapag-Lloyd Cruises voyage            Better yet, Pojer said 2017 also saw the highest guest satis-
was a record 594 euro in 2017, up 2.6 percent from the year       faction and quality ratings.
prior and heading toward 600 euro or more for 2018. Two
new expedition ships are joining the fleet in 2019.                 “If you want to be on top, you have to deliver quality,” he
  “Our increase has been steady over the last two or three
years,” said Karl J. Pojer, CEO. “We are seeing that our cli-     Fleet Mix
ents are ready to pay for a quality experience.
                                                                    The company offers two ships in the ultra-luxury space
  “Our 2018 (fiscal) year started in October and we are see-      with the Europa catering to the German market and the Eu-
ing another increase in rates for the first quarter. It’s over a  ropa 2 positioned for the international market.
mix of cabin types,” Pojer added, in a January interview.
                                                                    The big news is in the luxury expedition space. The Han-
  Revenue year-over-year (2016 to 2017) increased 15.9 per-       seatic will leave the fleet this October, and two new ships, the
cent to 312.6 million euro, according to TUI Group, which         Hanseatic Nature and Hanseatic Inspiration, a pair of 230-pas-
has also credited Pojer with the turnaround effort.               senger, VARD-built ships, will join next April and October,
                                                                  respectively. The Nature will be for German-speaking guests
  Since taking over leadership of the company in 2013 Po-         while the Inspiration will serve international markets.
jer said the average booking window then was around six
months, and that has now extended to eight months.                  The Bremen will stay in operation, offering an alternative
                                                                  four-star product to German-speaking markets, Pojer said,
  “If you don’t book early with us it may not be so easy to       adding that the ship had a 70 percent repeat passenger rate
get aboard,” he added.

   Hapag-Lloyd’s new
   pair of 230-passenger
   expedition vessels
   launch in 2019.

46	 Cruise Industry News: 2018 Expedition Market Report
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