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EXPEDITION MARKET                                      One Ocean Expeditions  Two Russian re-
                                                               Polar Latitudes  search ships will
Brand Overview                                                    Polar Quest   be joined by a
                                                                      Ponant    more traditional
Mystic Invest     Mystic Invest is                                              cruise vessel
Nicko Cruises     the powerhouse                          Poseidon Expeditions  later this year as
                  behind a major ex-                                            One Ocean ex-
                  pedition newbuild-                                            pands. Also on
                  ing program in                                                tap are shoulder
                  Portugal. The first                                           season (warm
                  ship, the World                                               water) sailings in
                  Explorer, will split                                          2019.
                  time on charter
                  contracts between                                             Polar Latitudes
                  Nicko Cruises and                                             will go from one
                  Quark Expedi-                                                 ship to two in
                  tions.                                                        Antarctica next
                                                                                season, with the
                    Nicko Cruises,                                              Island Sky join-
                    a German river                                              ing the Hebrid-
                    brand, will offer                                           ean Sky.
                    two Antarctica
                    departures in                                               The 53-guest
                    partnership                                                 Quest operates
                    with Quark                                                  seasonally out
                    Expeditions for                                             of Svalbard for
                    the 2018-2019                                               Polar Quest.
                    season.                                                     The company
                                                                                also operates
Oceanwide                                                                       two smaller,
                                                                                12-guest ves-
                  A new vessel,                                                 sels.
                  the Hondius,
                  joins this Dutch                                              By 2022,
                  company in                                                    Ponant will
                  2019.                                                         have a fleet
                                                                                of 12 vessels,
Offshore Outpost  The Mexican                                                   dominating the
                  Riviera and                                                   luxury expedition
                  Alaska are on                                                 space with new,
                  the schedule                                                  innovative ships.
                  this year, with a
                  small 12-pas-                                                 The Sea Spirit’s
                  senger offshore                                               charter is ex-
                  vessel and a                                                  tended through
                  customized                                                    2021 as Posei-
                  expedition                                                    don sees solid
                  experience for                                                sourcing growth
                  passengers.                                                   globally.

12	 Cruise Industry News: 2018 Expedition Market Report
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