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Leading the Market

                                                           By 2022, Ponant’s fleet will grow with the additions of
                                                         six 180-guest Explorer-class ships and an LNG-powered ice-

                                                           In the next three years, the number of departures will be
                                                         more than doubled on an annual basis for the French brand,
                                                         according to Hervé Bellaiche, executive vice president of

                                                           “We are confident we have a good model,” said Bellaiche.
                                                         “People are satisfied and they want to come back.”

                                                             Ponant welcomed Artemis Group as its new owner in
                                                         2015; Bellaiche said they were a long-term partner. Other
                                                         luxury brands falling under Artemis ownership include Gu-
                                                         cci, Kering and various other high-end brands.

                                                           Over a now 30-year history, the cruise company has had
                                                         multiple owners, but the same man has been at the helm since
                                                         day one: Jean Emmanuel Sauvee, who co-founded the busi-
                                                         ness and launched operations with Le Ponant sailing yacht.

                                                         Right Time, Right Ships

                                                           Growth is coming at the right time, and the new class of
                                                         ships will provide a consistent feel compared to the slightly
                                                         larger 260-guest Boreal-class vessels. Two ships will be de-
                                                         livered this year, followed by another two in 2019, and two
                                                         more in 2020, plus 2021’s innovative icebreaker. All are be-
                                                         ing built at VARD.

Hervé Bellaiche, executive vice president of sales       “Small ship size is the key for that kind
                                                         of market and the experience we

       A rendering of
       Ponant’s new

26	 Cruise Industry News: 2018 Expedition Market Report
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