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‘Close to Capacity’

  “Our heart and soul is Arctic Canada and Newfoundland       “Our client base is not top of the line
and Labrador,” said Cedar Bradley-Swan, president and         luxury. They want comfort and quality,
CEO of Adventure Canada.                                      but they don’t necessarily need butler
                                                              service with a balcony.”
  Sailing the Ocean Endeavor seasonally, business was
looking good for the 2018 program when speaking to Cruise
Industry News in early April.

                                                                The vessel does branch out from Canada a bit; this summer
                                                              the program starts in Scotland in June before two Iceland cir-
                                                              cumnavigations, where the company has sub-chartered half
                                                              its capacity to IcelandPro Travel, which will provide local
                                                              guides and partners on the sailings.

                                                                After that the ship heads to Greenland and the Canadian
                                                              Arctic, including two 16-day trips, in and out of the North-
                                                              west Passage. Using a trio of charter planes, the company
                                                              flies passengers, supplies and food to the ship.

Cedar Bradley-Swan, president and CEO                         2019

  “We are pretty close to capacity. We are at 91 percent for    New for 2019, Adventure Canada will take full ownership
the coming summer and turning folks to 2019 and 2020,         of its Iceland program and also returns to Ireland for a cir-
which is amazing,” she said.                                  cumnavigation cruise.

                                                                There’s also a voyage touching the southernmost tip of
                                                              Greenland, visiting Prince Christian Sound and the Cape
                                                              Farewell Archipelago, where Bradley-Swan is hoping for a
                                                              lot of ice.	

                                                                “We love the sense of exploration,” she said.
                                                                Sixty-five percent of passengers are sourced in Canada,
                                                              and 25 to 30 percent in the Untied States. There’s also
                                                              growth in Australia, Bradley-Swan noted, and strong figures
                                                              from travel agents.
                                                                “Five years ago we would have been doing under 10 per-
                                                              cent through agents and wholesalers, and now that is 35 per-

                                                              The Ocean

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