Vancouver has its first ever tourism master plan, developed by Resonance Consultancy, and set to align city and industry interests over a 10-year period.

Tourism Vancouver will work with the city and the port on future development on infrastructure, said a spokesperson for Resonance. He said they are also cognizant of the Lion’s Gate bridge which may not be tall enough for future ships, and new cruise facilities outside the bridge may eventually be considered.

Meanwhile, he said Tourism Vancouver would like to see the recent uptick in cruise traffic continue to build and get past 2015 and the yet unknown ECA impact, before taking the next step.

In the big picture, the master plan analyzes gaps, identified opportunities and establishes priorities to ensure the tourism industry grows in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner, according to Resonance.

The firm stated that an overarching ambition of the plan is to enhance the alignment between the city administration and the tourism business, including the formalization of an ongoing group of city, industry and tourism partnership to oversee master plan actions and report back to industry and residents.

The full report will be completed in early July.