RebelRoam Makes Onboard WiFi Faster, More Economical

Onboard WiFi Breakdown

Using cloud technology, RebelRoam's RebelRocket system makes the WiFi aboard vessels faster while more economical for the operator by taking away unwanted data, said Richard McKinney, president of U.S. operations.

The easy savings come in background data and video preloading. Most video sites will preload minutes of video while the average user only watches 30 seconds. RebelRoam shaves down that preloading to more realistic times, saving bandwidth.

“The data reduction we have seen is between 25 and 30 percent,” said Marju Teras, head of business development. “People now expect to have access to content and of course it takes a lot of data and is costly.”

The technology also reduces resolution in some cases, where savings can be significant.

"Our first value proposition is data reduction, it can come down to saving millions,” Teras said, adding that after the company’s subscription fee, clients are ROI positive in the first month.

RebelRocket Diagram

Reducing the read-ahead limits (pre-loading) of certain social media websites has led to data use reductions.

The company is a go-to solution in the European river cruise market, and in trials with a number of U.S.-based cruise operators.

A recent test installation on a U.S-flagged cruise ship saw data use drop of 30 percent.

“By request of the operator we turned on our services in the middle of a cruise so they could see the same group in the same environment, pre- and post,” said Richard.

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