Louis Cruises’ operation will is now Celestyal Cruises as CEO Kerry Anastassiadis’ effort to turn the product into an all-Greek experience has led to a name change and complete rebranding.

A new livery on the Olympia (photo: Christos Chatzaras)

“In 2012, we took the strategic decision to become a niche player on a regional basis,” he said, in an interview with Cruise Industry News “Naturally, the Aegean was the first region in which this strategy started being implemented. Each regional experience recognizes our ability to deliver a positively memorable environment where passenger satisfaction is delivered within a unique value proposition. This new strategy called for the introduction of a new cruise brand that adequately describes what we do.”

Thus in Cuba, Louis runs Cuba Cruise for a Canadian tour operator, and in Greece, the company will drop its Louis moniker for Celestyal.

The common denominator within our niche and regional approach is the personalized attention we provide to our passengers who feel like being at home away from home,” Anastassiadis  explained. “Our midsized vessels allow us to provide a personalized and warm-hearted service reinforced by the essence of Greek hospitality. This led us to believe that that the most appropriate descriptor of our passengers’ overall experience on one of our vessels is: heavenly. Hence, the choice of the name Celestyal and this is exactly what this new brand represents.”

Celestyal underlines the Greek experience Anastassiadis has created onboard, delivering all aspects of Greek life, history, culture and food and beverage.

It’s more than just a name as deployment will be adjusted as well, with the goal of incorporating more small unknown Greek islands into itineraries.    

“Introducing new such destinations will become a key component of the Celestyal brand,” added Anastassiadis.

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