2023 Global Cruise Ship Index


All New! Fleet listings in one easy file. Excel file with key statistics on 500+ cruise ships, including guest and crew capacity, length, width, draft, exhaust gas cleaning and shorepower.



2023 Global Cruise Ship Index / Fleet Listings in Excel

This Excel file comprises of 500+ cruise ships, listing key data for each ship including cruise line, ship name, guest capacity, crew capacity, shipyard, building cost, length, width and draft, as well as any previous names.

There are also separate sheets for ships moving to new start ups yet to operate, as well as ships recently withdrawn from service.

It provides a comprehensive overview of key metrics of the current and future cruise fleet.

A sample file can be viewed here. 

The database includes all current ships in cruise service as well as the forward-looking cruise ship orderbook as of June 30, 2022.