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                  Key Players

„ Abercrombie & Kent                                     „ Adventure Canada

 A&K charters Ponant tonnage, putting on its              Adventure Canada has a seasonal program
 own expedition team and offering a high-end              in Canada and Northern Europe. It did not
 luxury product.                                          operate due to COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021.

„ Alaskan Dream                                          „ Albatros

Sailing small U.S.-flagged ships, Alaskan Dream          Albatros will debut the new Ocean Victory
Cruises will be one of the only operators able           in Antarctica this coming winter. The Ocean
to sail in Alaska this summer.                           Endeavor is set to be retired in 2022 and
                                                         another newbuild will join at the same time.

„ Antarctica21                                           „ Antarpply Expeditions

Antarctica21 operates a fly-cruise program               Antarapply sails seasonally in Antarctica.
seasonally. The company debuted a new ship,
the Magellan Explorer, in 2019.

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