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EMXAPREKDEITTION                                 Quoted

            “We have seen the (booking num-           “With us, guests can fly to Antarctica
           bers) coming in for 2022 and I see a     and spend six days on the ship and fly
                                                     back or sail up to 21 days also includ-
                     lot of opportunities.”          ing South Georgia and the Falklands.”

      Asta Lassesen                                        pg 86 pg 100Barbara Muckermann
CEO, Hurtigruten Expeditionspg 78                          Chief Marketing Officer, Silversea Cruises

“Recognizing that not everyone wants                           “We have a portfolio that is un-
to go to a polar region, next year, we                     matched with 12 ships that can cover
                                                           every destination with a very strong
   are sort of going tropical with the
                      Orion.”                                            expedition team.”

     pg 94                                                  Navin Sawhney
                                                           CEO, Ponant Americas
                           Trey Byus
           Chief Expedition Officer, Lindblad Expeditions

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