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Landing in Antarctica

   “It is important to understand the industry you operate               “We need to deliver itineraries
in,” he explained, “and evaluate what you do versus what                       that are commercially
others are doing. And to see how you can innovate in the
same market. For example, we are the only luxury brand with                 successful. They need to be
a fly-cruise program in Antarctica, and we offer a range of                 profitable, sustainable and
cruise lengths, some as short as five days, for our customers                attractive to our guests.”
who are time-sensitive.”
                                                                      GREENLAND AND CANADA
   Bigger news is in store as Silversea is opening up a new
departure point for Antarctic cruises from Puerto Williams               In the Arctic, while Svalbard continues to be a key summer
in Chile.                                                             deployment for Silversea, including shorter sailings starting
                                                                      at six days, the company is also increasing its portfolio in
   Said Combrink: “We will move the Explorer to Puerto                Greenland, offering seven- to 14-day voyages roundtrip from
Williams already this fall and expect to have the Cloud and           Kangerlussuaq.
Wind there for the 2022-2023 season.
                                                                         “We feel that Greenland and the Canadian Arctic has huge
   “We have been spending the last two years developing               potential. These are some of the most incredible expedition
relationships with stakeholders in Chile, and we have put             destinations in the Arctic. They are so rich in what they offer
airline agreements in place, so we can fly our guests on a            in terms of diversity, wildlife, culture and scenery.
premium economy class configured aircraft from a private
terminal in Santiago directly down to Puerto Williams. It will           “So, why we have traditionally focused heavily on Sval-
be a domestic (charter) flight so they do not have to worry           bard, we have systematically been developing Greenland and
about customs and immigration. It is a tiny port; we will be          the Canadian Arctic. They have such strong appeal that they
the only ones there.                                                  deserve more inventory.” „

   “The beauty of it is that we can control it from start to finish.
It is going to be completely Silversea branded, the aircraft, the
onboard experience and the upgraded catering.

   “We plan to gradually build up the infrastructure with our
partners in Chile. It demonstrates our commitment to Antarc-
tica, as well as being a differentiating factor for us.”

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