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Exploring New

The Silver Cloud is deployed year-round on expedition itineraries.

“The mission is to turn guest expe-      “We are also focused on delivering value. Our itineraries
riences into beautiful memories,”     have to have value for our guests, and then there has to be value
said Conrad Combrink, senior vice     for our company. Ultimately, we are a business. So, we need
president expeditions, tour operat-   to deliver itineraries that are commercially successful. They
ing and destination management        need to be profitable, sustainable and attractive to our guests.”
at Silversea Cruises. “This is some-
thing we truly believe in, my team       Since Silversea launched its expedition program in 2008,
and myself, and we try to instill in  shore excursions have been included and as of 2022 will also
everything we do.                     be included aboard Silversea’s other ships, thus making it a
                                      truly all-inclusive ultra-luxury cruise line, Combrink noted.

                                      DIFFERENT ANTARCTICA PRODUCTS

                                         While sailing in many of the traditional expedition areas
                                      (polar regions), Combrink said that Silversea is differentiating
                                      its product by being a luxury expedition cruise line and also
                                      doing things differently from the competition.

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