Europort 2013 will showcase new technology available that is designed to meet shipping’s critical challenge posed by environmental restrictions under Tier III legislation, according to the organizers of the Nov. 5 to 8 exhibition and conference in Rotterdam.

Among the exhibitors, GE Marine, for example, will be drawing attention to 12V250 marine diesel engine. The company recently confirmed the 12V250 as its first marine engine meeting both US Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4i and IMO Tier III in-engine emissions requirements without the need for exhaust gas after-treatment. GE is now able to offer its L250 and V250 medium speed marine diesel engines (1,550 – 4,650 kW) without a Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR).

MAN Diesel & Turbocharging will present its latest generation four stroke range, L35/44DF, which is available in both dual fuel and gas only versions. The DF version complies with IMO Tier II emission limits in diesel mode and IMO Tier III limits in gas operation. In line with coming choices facing shipowners on fuel use, MAN Diesel & Turbo has made a high degree of fuel flexibility (HFO, MDO, MGO and natural gas) a primary objective in developing this engine.

ABB Turbocharging will show off its new A200-L generation single-stage turbochargers for low-speed two-stroke engines, which the company says represent a ‘quantum leap’ in the technological development. The A200-L has up to 30% additional volume flow, which to date is fully the equivalent to one size smaller in a series of turbochargers.