Hull and propeller performance degradation can cause a 15 to 20 percent loss in vessel efficiency, according to a statement from Macsea, and thus, the company is ramping up its Hull Medic condition monitoring service using its published methodology and automated, cloud-based data analytics process.

The company is offering its hull condition monitoring analytical services on a monthly basis for a set fee. Analysis can be done from data already collected or Macsea can provide an automated data acquisition system.

By driving the cost of hull condition monitoring down to the point where most ship owners can afford it, owners can save money through optimal hull condition-based maintenance and can help improve the environment by reducing GHG emissions, according to the company.

Additional benefits include measuring efficiency gains from other related energy conservation measures, such as alternate propeller designs and hull coating choices. Hull and propeller performance monitoring systems, such as Hull Medic, monitor vessel performance over time and provide hard evidence of efficiency gains necessary to build business cases for prudent investment decisions.