O3b's satellites waiting to be unloaded from shipping containersO3b’s first launch date has been scheduled for June 24, when the start-up telecommunications company launches its first four satellites.

A second set of four satellites is due to follow in September, and Royal Caribbean International has announced that both the Oasis and Allure will feature internet provided by O3b’s low-altitude low-latency solution.

The satellites are launching from French Guiana with the Arianespace, Soyuz launcher.

“By the third quarter we will deliver fiber-like speed at sub-150 millisecond latency and lower cost, bridging the digital divide,” added an O3b spokesperson.

Most recently, the company started testing in Kouruou. The space vehicles were unpacked and lined up for inspection. After a few days of setting up and checking out the mechanical and electrical ground support equipment, the launch campaign team initiated testing on the Flight Model (FM) 04. The initial test was the “MEOP” (Maximum Expected Operating Pressure) test.

During this test, the propulsion system is pressurized and internal and external leakage is verified along with thruster flow rates and pressure transducer calibration.