Across Oceans Group, a consulting firm serving both the marine and aviation industries, has announced a number of key partnerships.

First, Across Oceans Group has confirmed it's representing the Mobile Assembly Suite for e-mustering and boat-drill safety for cruise ships and real-time accountability for global emergency situations. It also exceeds the newly adopted SOLAS Regulations 8 and 19 that require musters and emergency instructions, according to a company release.

“Safety does not happen by accident,” noted Douglas S. Diggle, president and CEO at Across Oceans Group.

In addition, United States Coast Guard Electronic Support Head, LT. Garrett Feldman, will join Across Oceans Group's Advisory Board to consult for new technology engineering, prototype programs, damage control training and SOLAS e-mustering. In his previous role, he coordinated operational response to equipment failures to meet inter-agency tasking expectations for Coast Guard utilizing a team of 230 technicians and 9 strategically located service centers to minimize response time.

Diggle has also partnered with SeaKeepers. His primary role at SeaKeepers includes targeted fundraising outreach among the worldwide maritime and cruise shipping industries.