A ducktail on the Quantum-class ships will yield fuel savings.After designing more than 30 hull profiles, Royal Caribbean Cruises has elected to go with a hull design optimized for multiple sailing profiles, according to Harri Kulovaara, executive vice president of maritime, talking to Cruise Industry News in New York during the ship unveiling.

At 4,180 passengers, double occupancy, every efficiency has been looked at, said Kulovaara.

“Every ship generation becomes more efficient,” he said, noting these ships were up to 10 to 20 percent more fuel efficient.

“There is no silver bullet, there are a number of factors that go into it, starting with how we produce the energy,” Kulovaara explained.

More than 1,000 bulbous bulbs were looked at, and the one settled on yields a 1 to 2 percent fuel burn gain, he commented, backing up Richard Fain’s note during a press conference earlier in the day.

He compared modern shipbuilding to Formula 1 car development, saying that most testing can be done with computational fluid dynamics on a computer.

In addition, the ships have the most advanced air conditioning system yet, and the galley will play into the energy savings game, with smarter ventilation controls depending on what is needed.

The newbuild from Meyer Werft will have LED lighting, and better energy management controls, Kulovaara explained, letting crew better monitor each component’s energy usage.

Once a month he gets together with the newbuild team from Royal Caribbean to review the statis of the project, and go over fuel efficiency and energy savings items.

The Quantum-class ships will not be dual-fuel, Kulovaara said, but added that the company had looked into LNG, but it was not yet viable for cruise ships.

“It is interesting,” he noted, and said Royal Caribbean is continuing to talk with class society DNV, engine manufactures and LNG suppliers for the future.

It is widely believed the new ships will also include scrubbers, but Kulovaara declined to comment, adding that he preferred to call them AEP (advanced emissions purification).