Study on Industry Finds High Degree of Satisfaction with Port and Tourism Offerings

Passengers and crew members spent around 5.8 million Euros in Rostock and the surrounding region during this year’s cruise season. This was among the results of a survey of 1019 cruise passengers and 462 crew members commissioned by Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock. The survey was carried out in Warnemünde by the University of Rostock under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Martin Benkenstein from 05 May to 11 September 2007.

Of the 115,000 passengers recorded in 2007’s cruise season, 22,800 began and finished their cruise during the 16 change-overs carried out at the Warnemünde Cruise Center. 76 port calls by cruise ships brought a total of 92,200 passengers to Warnemünde who further explored the region by means of guided or individual excursions. Overall, Warnemünde was visited by 25 different cruise ships from 21 different cruise shipping companies a total of 92 times this year. Of the approximately 47,000 crew members on board these ships, just over half of them came onto land during their layover in Warnemünde.

Cruise passengers very satisfied with Warnemünde as port of origin

Of the 22,800 passengers who began and ended their cruise in Warnemünde, 494 were interviewed during the course of the survey. On a scale of 1 (very satisfied) to 5 (very dissatisfied), the passengers were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with Warnemünde as a cruise port, resulting in an average rating of 1.8. The passengers rated factors such as the terminal building, the development of the port area, the friendliness of the personnel, and the baggage check-in very highly. One factor of dissatisfaction among many passengers was the distance to a major airport. Of the 494 passengers interviewed, 31% mentioned the need for additional service offerings, of which food and beverage offerings at the Warnemünde Cruise Center were most widely requested.

29% of the change-over passengers interviewed reported an overnight stay in Rostock or the surrounding region either before or after their cruise; two-thirds of these before starting the cruise, and one-third upon returning to land.

The average amount spent pro capita was € 109.50 during an average period of stay of 2.5 days. 37% of the passengers interviewed reported sightseeing in Rostock and/or Warnemünde on the day of arrival or departure, spending, on average, € 8.30 per person, primarily on food and beverages or shopping.

A total of nearly two million Euros was spent this season in Rostock and the surrounding area by hotel guests and city-sightseers.

Warnemünde welcomes guests from America and Britain

A total of 525 of the 92,200 passengers arriving at the 76 port calls by cruise ships in Warnemünde were interviewed during the course of the survey. Of those interviewed, 41% came from the USA, 37 percent from Great Britain and 12 percent from non-US America. The average age of the travelers was 59 years.

With an average rating of 1.1, the international cruise passengers reported being very satisfied with their arrival in Warnemünde. The telephone and internet possibilities at the terminal building as well as the language abilities of the local inhabitants represented areas for improvement, each receiving an average rating of 2.3.

82% of the passengers interviewed reported having spent money during their stay in Rostock / Warnemünde (excursions booked on-board are not included in this total). The average amount spent per passenger this year was € 44.60 (compared with € 51.20 in 2005), predominately in retail shops.

Around two-thirds of the passengers surveyed either partook in guided excursions in the region or explored Rostock and Warnemünde on their own. Approximately one-third booked a day trip to Berlin. A total of 2.75 million Euros was spent by cruise passengers in Rostock and the surrounding region.

Crew members disembark

Of the 47,100 crew members including 6400 aboard ships carrying out passenger change-overs, a total of 462 were interviewed during the course of the survey. 40,700 crew members were on board during the 76 port calls by cruise ships. 52 percent reported having spent time on land. Of the 6400 crew members aboard the ships carrying out passenger change-overs in Warnemünde, 62% reported having spent time on land. The average age of the crew members was 34 years; the majority came from Asia.

Of those crew members who spent time on land, 87 percent reported having spent money, primarily in retail shops (81 percent). Approximately 24,900 crew members spent an average of 43 Euros per person during their stays on land, amounting to a total of around 1.1 million Euros.

Germany’s top summer tourist destination

“The study of this year’s cruise season shows that cruise tourism generates significant revenues for the region, especially for retail shops. We are obviously pleased that the satisfaction rating of the cruise port Warnemünde was very high among passengers and crew members alike. Our cruise port has made a name for itself in recent years within the cruise industry. Warnemünde was visited by 25 different ships from 21 different cruise operators this year. This shows that the cruise port Warnemünde as well as the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern enjoy a high degree of awareness and popularity. Word has gotten around – internationally too – that our state is the most popular summer tourist destination in Germany. This is a significant argument for us as a port”, comments Ulrich Bauermeister, Managing Director of Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock.

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