Richard E. Sasso, president and CEO Of MSC Cruises USA, has published a book, UnselfishWorld

"With so much stress and conflict surrounding all of us these days, UnselfishWorld is a refreshing reminder that we can all be a bit more selfless if we try, and that doing so could have a wonderful influence on how we share this world together," according to a press release from MSCA.

The book is described as an easy-to-read and heartwarming reflection of how we can empower our instincts to be more unselfish and work in harmony toward the ultimate goal of a better world.

Sasso, President and CEO of MSC Cruises, has spent the last 40 years in the travel industry and said his great passion has always been to try to find a way for people around the world to share something of common good.  His search for that bond led him to a clear and simple objective we can each work toward every day:  “Encourage ourselves and others to be the most selfless individuals we can be.”  This is the mission statement in UnselfishWorld and at the core of what Sasso wants us all to embrace. The logo for UnselfishWorld was designed to help foster the awareness of this wonderful new challenge by creatively engaging audiences about this important global vision.

Coupled with the launch of this new book is the UnselfishWorld website ( and the UnselfishWorld Foundation.

According to a statement from MSC: "Sharing your unselfish acts will be as easy as signing up on the website, and it’s free. Donating to the foundation can also be your way to help support this worthy effort. Sasso hopes to engage corporations around the world to add this challenge to their respective mission statements and encourage their employees to take the challenge to heart. The foundation will support many worthy humanitarian causes and include assisting projects, such as Fisher House, Wounded Warriors, and the United Way."

The author plans to take this message around the world through speaking engagements at a variety of goodwill and self-improvement conferences.