MSC Cruises is delighted to announce that its Kids’ Club programs have been revamped and updated to satisfy different age groups, meaning that children and teens can now have even more fun onboard an MSC cruise.

Family values lie firmly at the heart of MSC Cruises and the company is constantly looking for new ways to enhance the family experience on board. Since mid-January 2012 programme enhancements have been rolled out across the MSC fleet, with a focus on popular sporting activities, arts and crafts, theatre and technology. Program also feature a broader choice of family events, ranging from parades to scavenger hunts.

“Just under 15% of our guests during the year are children, with this percentage rising to 30% during the summer season. It’s our job to ensure that they have an unforgettable experience, which means keeping them entertained all day,” said Daniela Picco, MSC Cruises On Board Marketing Manager. “As 22% of the almost 200,000 under 18s who cruise with MSC every year are between 12 and 14, and 24% are between 15 and 17, it’s also a priority to keep programmes up to date for teens and make sure that ships contain the latest technology.”

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