MSC Cruises is set to officially confirm the MSC Preziosa, and may issue a statement as early as next week, according to sources familiar with the situation.

All but official for sometime, STX France has floated out the 140,000-ton vessel, which has for weeks displayed the MSC logo on the funnel as well as the name MSC Preziosa on the hull.

The ship was originally ordered by the Libyan Maritime Authority, but following the 2011 Arab spring, payments were missed and the insurance companies stepped in, taking over the vessel.

The ship is a sister to the MSC Divina, launching this May. The original delivery date for the Preziosa was announced as December, 2012, but that is believed to have been pushed back into 2013 as MSC will make some changes to the vessel.

It is also rumored a new-generation MSC newbuild project with STX is nearing an announcement.