The Costa Allegra is under tow to Mahe, according to a statement from Costa Crociere.

In order to ensure the safety of guests onboard, the operator announced the disembarkation of passengers on Desroches island cannot be performed and therefore it has been decided that the ship will be towed to Mahe, Seychelles.

The disembarkation in Desroches did not assure the necessary and adequate security conditions for mooring the ship and guests’ disembarkation, according to Costa.

In addition, logistics and hotels on the island are not sufficient: it would require an immediate transfer from Desroches to Mahe through ferries after disembarking the ship by tenders.

Thus, the ship will be towed to Mahe with the assistance of two tugs that are approaching the ship.

The arrival in Mahe is currently expected during the morning (local time) on Thursday, March 1, just few hours after the possible arrival to Desroches from Mahe by ferry.

Helicopters will ensure continuous supply of food, comfort items, flashlights in order to mitigate guests discomfort given the difficult conditions onboard.

“Costa is working with all the authorities responsible for coordinating the emergency, to ensure the best possible assistance to all our guests and make their discomfort as short as possible and to reach their next destination,” Costa stated.

The company said it is sincerely sorry for the inconvenience: the absolute priority is to make it as short as possible.